Mission Statement


    As a former college athlete, I still sometimes reminisce about my own playing career- the big wins, the tough losses, and the good times. But, more often than not, I reflect on the lessons taken from my playing career that transcend the baseball diamond. College athletics gave me an opportunity to develop skills in teamwork, communication, and personal discipline. My experiences empowered me to make positive contributions to my community and the motivation to grow and succeed in college and later in life. When held in appropriate relationship to academics, athletics is a powerful learning tool that forges life lessons in its participants.

At West Valley College, our goal is to find that balance between coursework and competition. We provide programs and support for student-athletes to promote a respect for diversity and inclusion, to assist them in identifying and applying transferable skills, to facilitate effective access to campus resources, and to develop character, integrity, and leadership skills.We value their contributions to the college and the community and appreciate the hard work and time they have put in to both their academic and athletic endeavors.

Thanks to our dedicated coaches, counselors, and training staff our goals have become a reality – we have championship level teams and academics. And, our student athletes continue to transfer to four–year institutions all over the country. While it is true that very few of our student athletes will ever play in the NBA or NFL, my hope is that after beginning their career at West Valley College that they will all become professionals in their chosen field

Bradley J. Davis, West Valley College President



    Welcome to West Valley College Athletics!

The Viking athletic program has a long history of success both academically and athletically. West Valley College offers a quality athletic program that will challenge you both mentally and physically while preparing you to transfer to a four-year college or university. Each year, many of our student-athletes transfer to a four-year university with scholarship.

It is with great pride that we can say West Valley College is one of the finest community colleges in California. The Athletic Department embraces the College’s mission in supporting students along their pathways to reach transfer and career goals in an environment of academic excellence.

Boasting 12 athletic teams, our Athletic Department strives to be a premier destination for student-athletes looking to further their academic and athletic career. A strong collection of coaches, many of which have coached at the Division I and National level, team with an outstanding support staff consisting of two athletic trainers, two athletic counselors, an equipment manager, a Sports Information Director, and academic tutors to foster an environment of success. Our facilities are in the process of renovation and will be among the best in the country when complete. We are committed to excellence and invite you to join us in pursuit of our goals.

West Valley College, as a member of the Coast Conference and the California Community College Athletic Association, agrees to abide by all the rules of the CCCAA and the Coast Conference. The athletic program at West Valley College will embrace the policies, rules and regulations of these member organizations as well as those of the college and the West Valley-Mission Community College District.

Come visit us on our beautiful 143-acre Saratoga campus in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains, located at the southwest border of Silicon Valley.

We welcome you to become part of the Viking family.

John Vlahos,  Dean and Athletic Director - Health, Human Development and Athletics