Steps to Become a Vikings


  • If you have just graduated from high school, and have not previously attended any other colleges or universitiesy, then you do not need to send in your high school transcripts, UNLESS you would like to use your high school coursework to clear West Valley College prerequisites, then send an unopened, official high school transcript to the West Valley College Counseling Department.
  • If you have previously attended any colleges or universities and would like to have these college transcripts evaluated for West Valley College course credit and matriculation, send an unopened, official copy to the West Valley College Counseling Department. Make sure to follow up.
    • Once transcripts are received by the Counseling Department, request to have your transcripts evaluated. Please note that transcript evaluation can take up to six months.
    • Bring an unofficial copy of transcripts with you to your athletic counseling appointment.

AP Course Credit

  • If you took AP courses in high school AND scored a 3 or higher on the AP subject test, submit these test scores to the West Valley College Counseling Department.

  • Also notify your athletic counselor of the AP course credits that you have earned.

Assessment Tests

  • Reading, Math, and English tests are required
  • Bring a photo ID and your social security number to the testing site
  • Review the Assessment Schedule

Student Athlete Orientation

  • These usually take place in the Spring and Summer
  • Parents are invited to a parent orientation segment of the Student Athlete Orientation

Meet with an Athletics Counselor

  • Make an appointment to meet with an Athletics Counselor
  • Bring the following items to your appointment (if applicable):
    • High school transcripts, to clear West Valley College prerequisites
    • Unofficial transcripts from any previous colleges or universities
    • Knowledge of AP subject test scores
  • Your athletic counseling appointment will:
    • Review the academic eligibility requirements to become a student athlete
    • Discuss your options for transfer, graduation, and/or degree obtainment
    • Help you complete an Education Plan by noting the courses required to fulfill your degree/graduate and which courses to take and when to take them
  • Utilize transfer resources to explore major preparation and transferability
  • Determine your NCAA status for recruitment purposes
    • Qualifier vs. Non-Qualifier
    • Explore interested transfer institutions—Division I, II, III, or NAIA
    • Discuss recruitment prospects

Academics Eligibility

  • 2.0 GPA
  • Enrolled as a full-time student during the season of competition (12 units+)
    • 9 of these 12 units should be academic
  • If you are attending another college
    • 12 units must be taken at West Valley College to establish institutional residency required to compete for West Valley College
  • By the second season of competition, student athletes must complete 24 units
    • 18 of these 24 units should be academic